Meyasi Meshilieck, Director

Meyasi Meshilieck, Director

The Serengeti Preservation Foundation

The Serengeti Preservation Foundation is a locally registered NGO in Tanzania, providing avenues for conservation education and advocacy. We were founded in 2013 in response to rapidly growing threats to protected areas in Tanzania. 

The empowerment and involvement of local people in conservation for sustainable development is a vital tool to for conservation We are doing this through educational programs, radio broadcasting, journalism training, and public advocacy.

Our Mission

 To build local capacity to monitor and impact conservation in Tanzania. To build a strong coalition of support, advocacy, and funding for the Serengeti ecosystem, the people living around it, and adjacent reserves and protected areas. To provide the funding of development programs that help build a model of sustainable tourism and benefits to local people.

We coordinate:

  • Local projects and disseminate funds from donors.

  • Information sharing online, on the radio and in person; around the country and globally.

We monitor:

  • The changing status of conservation in and around the Serengeti.

  • Governmental actions and policies that affect the environment.

  • The most urgent actions that need to be taken to protect.

We train:

  • Teachers, pupils and local communities through a specific curriculum aimed to inform and educate about the risks for the environment and the benefits that emerge from protecting it.

  • Journalists and university students to create a network to share information and knowledge.